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Monday, March 21, 2011

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As the practice finished john went to the garden following his girl. Suddenly he felt a heavy hand over his shoulder saying “good singing son but please pay attention to song while you are singing not to Isabella”. John stopped and scared at him. Lukas left with a smile but john now got the reason for the quire`s silent laughter early in the evening.

John`s girl was standing near her scooter. She was waiting for Annie to finish her talk in mobile. John went near to his girl. Suddenly she moved inside garden. She saw john coming behind her.

John stretched out his hand saying “hey stop”. She turned to john for a while with a cute smile in her rosy lips and continued her walk.

As they neared a tree john grabbed her hand john grabbed her hand. She did not expect this action from john but she too liked it.

She dashed to john as he pulled her with his strength. John grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him. She moved away a bit and leaned on the tree.

He went close to her grabbing her waist that even the cold breeze lost to their rising warmth and even the tree got shy by feeling the warmth of their love.

John moved his nose towards her ears taking the sweet smell of her long hair that was defeating the fragrance of the flowers in the garden. He whispered to her ears asking “what`s your name angel???”.

She pushed john and moved out of his grip saying “sherin” with her cute smile

Friday, March 18, 2011

i have posted the continuation plz read the story and click the ads

“John tomorrow you start the song along with Isabella. Start the song in c major. Don`t mess it up. Now give a trial ”, saying this Lukas started playing the piano. John got to start the song but he was looking through the door. He missed his girl on the rush to church. He saw a scooter entering church`s gate. It was his girl.

Lukas and the entire quire were scaring at john. John did not notice this. John`s girl with Annie entered church and settled in the back row.

Lukas shouted “enough side seeing now will you start”. John waked from his romantic dream saying “Isabella was supposed to start with me but she was not here now”.

“ she have practiced now you got to practice. Will you do it?” saying this Lukas again started to play the piano. This made the entire quire and his girl to laugh silently.

As Lukas played the piano john started to sing. John`s voice really used to be good. His girl was too present in the church this boosted him and he sang like a pop singer with a liveliness in his singing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

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It was evening 7 P.M. The due started to fall. The evening was cold. John was not driving seeing the road. His eyes was just roaming around the Skies seeing the moon and the stars

Suddenly john`s eyes was blinded. As he looked down he was not able to see the road. It was a bus with high beam. Somehow he managed to come over it. His dull face brightened as he saw his bike`s side mirror. It was Annie. As john was seeing Annie through his mirror john`s girl showed her face which she was hiding behind Annie`s back. But Annie`s face looked as if she is forced to eat red hot chili. Annie was following john`s bike to church.

For john it`s no more cold now. He got his warmth through his bike`s mirror. He stopped his bike near the garden in the church and rushed to quire inside church. He was late to the quire practice

John handed over the flowers for decoration to Isabella who decorates the church she got the flowers with a big smile. She had got a small crush over john. She sings with john in the quire. She said “oh! It`s ok john” as john apologized for the delay.

The quire master Mr. Lukas was really crazy at john for the delay. John sings the lead in the quire.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

John was stunned to see his girlfriend over there in the flower shop. But he never knew her name so he decided to ask her name that day. All he know is she is junior to john in school.

John`s girl was with her friend Annie. So she did not dare to see john eyes to eyes as she always do with a cute smile.

She had curly hair which made her beauty so adorable. To john she looked like an angel walking inside the flower shop.

As she was moving round the flower shop looking at the flowers john was going behind them. Her friend Annie noticed johna couple of times. Annie grabbed john`s girl`s hand saying “that tall guy is following us” she turned but john was not there.

Annie grabbed her friend`s hand so firmly because she did not even make a move for Annie`s words. Annie turned to her friend “hey are you listening to me” but Annie`s friend was just looking somewhere else.

John`s girl was rolling her eyes seeing john who was walking parallel to them. Seeing this Annie pulled her and rushed out. John got some flowers and rushed out. But she was missing so he got his bike and started to move to church for the Saturday evening quire practice.

The slam made john`s world to normal pace. As he turned for his slammer “don’t fall in love man it`s going to hurt you” said a voice. It was vivek`s hard voice in a humurous manner.

John said ” she is just a friend da machan”. Vivek with a laughter “ ok man leave it. I`m not going to say to anyone”. But vivek got tensed to see john looking at the girl with a cute smile and the girl too doing the same.

But as of sudden the girl ran inside the home. John cute smile turned in to a sorrow looking look. He really didn’t understand the reason for her actions. As he turned to his friend vivek he noticed him scaring at her so badly. Seeing this “machan I got to go to church tomorrow da so catch you later man” saying this john rushed to flower market to get flowers for decorating the church on Sunday.

John went to the flower shop and moved to the rose flowers session.